About Us


Bubba launched to give kids (and their parents) a voice, a fashionable alternative, a more individualized option. Inspired by adult trends, Bubba is that pop of positivity our world needs now more than ever. With courageous statements and bold designs, kids can grow into the heroes they were born to be.


Celebrating children’s individuality


We believe we can change an entire generation by supporting the personal growth, development and individuality of each independent child regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or status. We can encourage the children we are raising to step outside the standard to become the people they are meant to be. 



Parents have come to love our black and white styles, our pops of colour, our irreverent sayings and our counter-culture cool. Every collection is designed with fun, but we’re always serious about quality and details. Made with little ones in mind, all styles are comfortable, durable, fashionable and well-priced. We make clothes that last. Keepsakes that can stay with your family, be handed down to your friends or donated for someone else to love.