You have questions ? Do not hesitate to contact us, we're at your entire disposal ! Just leave us an email in here: bubbakidsteam@gmail.com , we promise to answer you as soon as possible.

Here are the questions you often ask us:

# 1. Is your site safe? Can I order safely?

Answer: This site is 100% secure. And to be honest, we could even say that it is 300%. Here's why :

First, the site you visit is on an HTTPS server

Most sites only secure their "shopping cart" and everything related to the payment of orders. On our website, ALL PAGES are secure and can not be hacked or can not be the target of malware.

Then, we took the services of the leader of the MONDIAL website protection (McAfee) which watches every second on all data that pass through this site.

And finally, regarding the payment, we use Paypal which is the reference in terms of security of transactions on the Internet.

In summary, strolling and ordering on Bubba Kids is 100% safe and secure. So you can stroll here and there in this colorful shop with peace of mind!

# 2. I only received part of my order. How come ?

Answer: It's normal. Your items come from different places and to avoid you waiting too much, we prefer to deliver your order as soon as one or more items are ready.

You will receive your order in several parcels (which allows you to continue the joy of discovering a new package in your mailbox over several days)

# 3. I have ordered for over 15 days and have not received anything yet.

Answer: Yes, it's normal. The delivery time is between 2 and 4 weeks.

It's much closer to 2 than 4 but sometimes it's a little longer.

In any case, if you have not received your item within 60 days then we will refund you and you can keep the item when you receive it.



Meet our Tiny Trendsetters!

Skylar: Taking the Fashion World by Storm

Whether she's making a splash in the pool, conquering gymnastic routines, or making a fashion statement, Skylar's energy and zest for life are simply contagious.

With her boundless enthusiasm and charming personality, Skylar lights up every room she enters, leaving a trail of inspiration for other young fashionistas and aspiring athletes.

Join Skylar on her exciting journey as she embraces the world of fashion, swimming, and gymnastics with grace, determination, and a touch of Bubba Kids' magic!

Follow her on Instagram: @skymaries_world

Oaklyn: Radiating Style & Smiles

Prepare to be dazzled by the incredible Oaklyn, our delightful toddler ambassador who is taking the fashion world by storm!

Oaklyn captivates hearts with her infectious giggles and undeniable style. She effortlessly exudes the spirit of joy and brings sunshine wherever she goes.

Embark on Oaklyn's fashion journey, bask in the radiance of her charm, and witness the enchantment she brings as part of the Bubba Kids family!

Follow her on Instagram: @mariamendi22